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No Small Wonder

For Ellen Castle, one final downturn spells disaster. How much disappointment and loss can one person be expected to take? When her best friend offers her the use of one of the summer rental bungalows owned by a monastery far from home, Ellen wants no part of it, but reluctantly agrees. She quickly finds herself miserable with regret and hopelessness. Having long ago lost her faith, Ellen’s way of dealing with life is to run, but what is stopping her now, and what sense can she make of the crazy, unexpected events that confront her at every turn and that will ultimately change her life forever.

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The Flower Cottage

As former Professor Kate Gannon struggles with a series of devastating life events, she soon finds herself drawn to a hamlet that few people have heard of. In the rural isolation of this quiet little world, far from her Brooklyn brownstone, Kate encounters the unexpected, including a most unusual clipped-wing bird. But it is in a simple little cottage surrounded by a spectacular garden, that the eccentric Abigail Sweet helps Kate re-kindle the spark of her true calling. Kate’s summer is filled with challenge, doubt, danger, opportunity, and friendship, along with a series of twists and turns no one could have anticipated. Wondrous and inspiring, this is a story of love, loss, faith and renewal.

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Wishbones and Other Short Stories

Mary Flynn’s stories are an eclectic and imaginative mix of humor, pathos and irony that explore the human experience, usually with a surprising twist. While most will touch the heart or funny bone, there is the occasional wicked tale, yet without a trace of drugs, violence or dysfunction that permeate so much of today’s culture and writing. There is, for example, the story of a boy’s mistaken identity, a woman’s odd reunion with the love of her life, a house with a most unusual history, a cat like no other, and a man who sacrifices more than should be expected of anyone …

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As One Delighted

In “As One Delighted,” award-winning poet and author Mary Flynn provides a feast of imagery and sentiment bound to capture the hearts of readers everywhere. Mary’s poems speak of life itself as well as nature in all its forms. Her poems, which span the decades from her years as a Hallmark Greeting Card writer to the present, range from a walk in the woods and the power of the seasons to the passing of one’s years and the quirkiness of children. From the spoils of lost love to the joys and treasure of family, home and prayer. Inspiring and insightful, this is definitely a book for all to enjoy and cherish.

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of her life, every quality of her mind, is written large in her works.”

— Virginia Woolf

My Current Work

Disney's Secret Sauce...
Reggie & Rocky, The Ring-tailed Raccoons
Reggin & Rocky, The Naughty Raccoons
Margaret Ferry...

Reggie & Rocky


Reggie & Rocky

The heart-warming stories of two mischievous creatures who steal our trash as well as our hearts. Written in playfully rhymed couplets and exquisitely illustrated, this delightful tale is great as a storybook or a first reader.  Along with information to help teach children about raccoons, this book is unique in offering coloring pages for children to participate in the beautiful art.