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Mary Flynn

Mary Flynn  has a proven record of delivering the Disney organization’s sustainable best practices that are applicable to any industry and organization, from the multi-billion-dollar technology trendsetter to the mom and pop start-up.


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“The Million-Dollar Question”


The million-dollar-question is the one question every leader must ask, regardless of how well articulated the vision, regardless of the organization’s depth of talent, size of budget or five-year plan. This is the question every leader has had to answer to continue the legacy of greatness that the Disney company has enjoyed for well over half a century.

There is no secret here. Just a simple answer fleshed out in great detail that, sadly, many companies miss or ignore, thinking that a strong product and marketing plan will be enough. Without asking and answering the million-dollar-question an organization may bump along and perhaps never get quite far enough, perhaps not ever go the limit.

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“I Get it Now!! ”


It’s no secret that great service involves a lot more than a smile and a willingness to go above and beyond. But what exactly are the best practices that make great service consistent and sustainable? Is great even enough? Nowadays, most organizations can make a pretty good pass at delivering great service, even if it’s only from time to time.

What are those principles that make for extraordinary engagement as Disney has done for years?

Nothing complicated here. It’s just that most companies don’t know what’s missing in their strategy. Get ready to polish up those five-star reviews because this is what you need to know.

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“It's Not All About Training”


It’s not about paying the most, we all know that. Or do we? When we can’t pay the most, do we adopt the mindset that we have to settle for less than the best talent, best attitude, best performer?

The truth is that with the right hiring and training practices we can create the best!

Here is how you can make the most of today’s workforce. Here is the way you conquer that bear known as “retention.” It costs a small fortune to find, hire and train for greatness. Here’s how to do it the right way.

These programs are available in half-day workshops as well as full-day sessions. For more info contact Mary Flynn.



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